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Products and Services

Damar Management Systems has and extensive array of products and services available to assist organizations in developing strategies, implement plans and achieve specific goals and objectives.

Organizations can attain corporate excellence through the transfer of knowledge from Damar Management Systems. This is carried out via the provision of the specific products and services that include:

  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management & Administration
  • Project Management & Administration
  • Management Textbooks & Publications
  • Quality Implementation & Management Programs
  • Total Quality Management Tools and Techniques
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Quality Management Training
  • Quality Audits
  • Environmental Management & Administration
  • Environmental Training
  • Environmental Audits
  • ISO Certification Facilitation
  • Laboratory Management & Accreditation
  • Import & Export Quality Control
  • Routine Analysis Of Agricultural Products
  • Computer Network, & Hardware Installations
  • Computer Software Packages
  • Computer Software Training
  • Training Programs Tailored For Specific Requirements

Damar Management Systems (Vic) Pty. Ltd.  
   A.C.N. 006 271 405
Corporate Member of the Australian Quality Council
and Australian Institute of Management