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Damar Management Systems

To be successful in todayís complex world you need a competitive edge and a global view. The move towards globalisation has redefined competition. It has turned rivals into strategic partners and customers into multi faceted groups that demand consistent excellence.

Organizations that continually focus on the consistent delivery of quality products and services, and are willing to co-operate and change will ultimately survive in the long term.

Damar Management Systems recognises that the drive for International competitiveness and excellence requires skill, up-to-date knowledge and the implementation of effective management systems. Hence it has focused on the provision of world class and innovative products and services to help your organization achieve the highest possible standards.

Learning about leading edge management practices through informative publication, accredited training courses, conferences, benchmarking and other advisory services will enable your organization to achieve corporate excellence.

Damar Management Systems encourages partnerships that will enable knowledge transfer to organizations which will provide critical links between Quality Management & an organizationís effectiveness competitiveness 
and excellence.

Damar Management Systems (Vic) Pty. Ltd.  
   A.C.N. 006 271 405
Corporate Member of the Australian Quality Council
and Australian Institute of Management