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The Challenge

Today, many companies operate in an environment that demands close attention to end results and issues such as:

  • restructuring strategies
  • emerging global competition
  • multi-skilling the workforce
  • lower cost structures
  • cultural change in the workplace
  • sophisticated customer needs

Successful leaders, however, constantly look to the future and seek to strengthen their organization’s capabilities to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Many realize that their organizations can either go forward or eventually cease to operate.

To move forward organizations will need to provide the environment and resources to support continuous improvements. It is essential that senior management establishes an environment that includes:

  • leadership that creates and effectively deploys clear values to the entire organization
  • a structured approach in setting goals and objectives
  • commitment and the appropriate application of Total Quality Management principles, tools and techniques
  • the involvement and development of personnel
  • management by appropriate facts and data
  • innovation recognized as an essential driver of 
    continuous improvement
  • working in partnership with suppliers and customers to provide quality outcomes for all .

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Corporate Member of the Australian Quality Council
and Australian Institute of Management